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Pro Program


With our exclusive Pro Program we offer discounts to contractors, developers, designers, and real estate investors.  We know that in today's market you have to be competitive and keep costs low, that is why we offer this discount to professionals.  We started our company as a real estate investor and a contractor looking for a better way to buy cabinets.  

Right now the cabinet business is flooded with options and finding a good deal isn't always clear.  With our Pro Program you can rest assured you are receiving the lowest prices that can be offered.  

It is easy to get started just fill out the contact form on this page and include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Business Name
  • Type of Business
  • Location
  • Estimated number of kitchen orders a year
  • If you are most interested in RTA , Pre- assembled, or Both

After review your submission we will contact you and give you your information so you can start participating in our Pro Program.



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